My first ‘commission’

I am a good mother2

I was recently asked by TwoHandsStrong to create an artwork for a blog post she had written. The post is called I am a good mother and it’s about her experience of a psychotic episode after the birth of her son. It was a huge honor to be asked to create an artwork for someone’s personal journey.

Initially I felt anxious and fearful. How could I create something worthy enough to be featured with a lady’s brave story?

Somehow, something inside me gave me the confidence and calmness to think about the task and execute a peice that I was proud of.

Within the artwork I have tried to illustrate the darkness – that she’d overcome, and the hope in the future, which I have tried to represent in the background. From darkness to the light. The good mother part of her story was the most powerful and I have tried to highlight this in the centre with a mother and baby silhouette.

It was a huge relief when Two Hands Strong replied to my email and said it was beautiful and I’d got it spot on. I felt very happy that I was able to help someone out, a fellow sufferer.

I’m looking forward to new opportunities that will come with this journey to recovery from Postnatal Depression.


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