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An open letter to myself for my dark days

letter to myself

I know you don’t want to read this, but you have to. You have to know you will get through this moment. I know it feels like the end of the world and that nothing’s worth fighting this hard for but it’s not going to feel this way forever.

Try and take a moment to breathe. I mean really breathe. Take in a breath… feel it enter your lungs. As you exhale, feel your body relaxing. Take time to really feel each breath.

You are doing so well. You have been working so hard. This moment does not define how you are living your life, it’s just a little blip. A smudge that you are learning to move on from.

You are strong, and although it doesn’t feel that way, you are making steps forward towards the life you want to live.

You have support. Sometimes the people you trust the most won’t be as close and available as you need but you have to try and remember they are there and they are also doing their best.

You have a gorgeous baby, who is thriving. He will benefit from all these lessons you are learning, so although it is a tremendous strain, remember he will learn from your strength to get through this.

This is a time of ups and downs. I know so well how bad the downs are but remember tomorrow is a new day and you are working so hard, so take a moment to congratulate yourself for what you have achieved in your journey.

You are braver, stronger and more determined than ever and you will succeed.

Be proud of your achievements and know that you WILL get to a better place.

Love & hugs


I wrote this letter on one of my good day, to be read on a darker day.

It may seem a little strange but it’s actually okay and really theraptic to be compassionate to yourself. I know it doesn’t come easy but, on a good day, have a go. Your depressed self could thank you for it. Good luck.


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