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The parenting style that no one told me about

I was told – read this book… have you heard of this technique…. you should try this… but no one told me about the parenting style called: Your Style. It’s not surprising that I was in a complete blur after giving birth and desperately seeking answers to combat the overwhelming feeling of change. I took every… Continue reading The parenting style that no one told me about

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Help, My Baby Wont Sleep – Guest Post by PND Recovery

Originally posted on The Butterfly Mother:
Huge thanks to Mandy for last week’s post about the picky eating struggle so many of us can relate to.  This week we’ve got the wonderful Amy talking about the stress and anxiety caused by her baby’s sleep patterns, again extremely relatable! One of my biggest parenting struggles so far has…

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I might look like I’m sleeping…

The reality is that while it might look like I’m sound asleep, perfectly still and eyes shut, inside I’m anything but. It’s like my mind comes to life as soon as I hit the bed. I started to think about this because I have a Fitbit, which supposedly tracks your sleep. I checked it this… Continue reading I might look like I’m sleeping…

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Anxiety: Being on guard for your baby

I think back to when I was first discussing my depression with the Early Childhood Nurse and she asked if I had anxiety – I said ‘no, I didn’t think so’. If she had replaced the word ‘anxiety’ with ‘worry” – I would have said ‘yes, ALOT!’. Anxious and Anxiety just wasn’t in my vocabulary.… Continue reading Anxiety: Being on guard for your baby