Hi, I’m a 29 year old living in Sydney with my husband and son, who was born in March 2015. My husband and I are originally from England but moved to Australia in 2011.

I was diagnosed with Postnatal Depression and Anxiety when my son was 6 months old. I know it wasn’t one factor that lead to this diagnosis – there are many things that I have had to work on to feel well again. I’m still in the process of this and one of the tools I am using is this blog.

I hope you enjoy reading my story and I also hope that I’m able to share some experience that might help others in their recovery.

You can also follow my journey on Twitter @pnd_recovery

Please note: I am not a medical professional and the opinions within this blog are my own. If you think you may be suffering from Postnatal Depression or Anxiety, please seek medical help.


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