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The parenting style that no one told me about

I was told – read this book… have you heard of this technique…. you should try this… but no one told me about the parenting style called: Your Style. It’s not surprising that I was in a complete blur after giving birth and desperately seeking answers to combat the overwhelming feeling of change. I took every… Continue reading The parenting style that no one told me about

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Anchor the good stuff

Yesterday my depression and negative thoughts hit me hard, they told me to… Stop blogging! Get off Twitter and Instagram, it’s too much hard work. You’re wasting your time. No one cares about what you write. They had some serious strength, the kind of strength that I didn’t have enough energy to fight back at. However,… Continue reading Anchor the good stuff


Parenting – Losses vs Gains: getting back a healthy balance

I believe depression is likely to hit when the amount of losses in your life outweight the gains. As you become a parent there can be a lot of loss. Here’s an example of how my losses vs gains looked at around 1 month postpartum. I felt overwhelmingly sad over all my losses – a… Continue reading Parenting – Losses vs Gains: getting back a healthy balance

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How depression taught me anything’s possible

*Trigger warning: this post contains reference to suicidal thoughts.* From the outside it may have looked like I’d fallen into life’s jigsaw perfectly. I’d emigrated from the UK to Australia, had a long-term partner and we’d just got married. I was working in a decent job in the advertising industry. I was a diligent employee… Continue reading How depression taught me anything’s possible

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Free Valentines Day Printable Cards

I know from experience that Postnatal Depression, or any mental illness, can be particularly hard on the ones we love. I believe it’s really important to say thank you to those around us, that help and support us through the dark days. I think Valentines Day (although an over-commercialised event) can be used to thank… Continue reading Free Valentines Day Printable Cards

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I might look like I’m sleeping…

The reality is that while it might look like I’m sound asleep, perfectly still and eyes shut, inside I’m anything but. It’s like my mind comes to life as soon as I hit the bed. I started to think about this because I have a Fitbit, which supposedly tracks your sleep. I checked it this… Continue reading I might look like I’m sleeping…