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A grateful end to the day


When times are tough, we sometimes forget what good we have around us. In the blackness of depression it’s easy to be blind to how much there is for us to be grateful for.

I’ve started a nightime ritual with my son to remind us each day that we have so much to be thankful for. During his evening bottle I talk to him about 2 things he could be grateful for today and then I tell him 2 things I am grateful for. I’m hoping that as he grows older, and is able to talk, he will be able to tell me things himself that he’s thankful for.

I won’t pretend, sometimes this task can be a little difficult, especially when I’m feeling overwhelmed with stress and exhausted, but it’s really grounding to take a minute to think about your day and the good things that have happened.

I hope you’re able to give this a try too.


2 thoughts on “A grateful end to the day

  1. Reblogged this on Stuck at home mum and commented:
    this is a fantastic idea!! Try it with my children at our family dinner meals around the table as my kids too old to have a bottle now
    thank you!!!!!!


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