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Help, My Baby Wont Sleep – Guest Post by PND Recovery

Originally posted on The Butterfly Mother:
Huge thanks to Mandy for last week’s post about the picky eating struggle so many of us can relate to.  This week we’ve got the wonderful Amy talking about the stress and anxiety caused by her baby’s sleep patterns, again extremely relatable! One of my biggest parenting struggles so far has…


Parenting – Losses vs Gains: getting back a healthy balance

I believe depression is likely to hit when the amount of losses in your life outweight the gains. As you become a parent there can be a lot of loss. Here’s an example of how my losses vs gains looked at around 1 month postpartum. I felt overwhelmingly sad over all my losses – a… Continue reading Parenting – Losses vs Gains: getting back a healthy balance

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How depression taught me anything’s possible

*Trigger warning: this post contains reference to suicidal thoughts.* From the outside it may have looked like I’d fallen into life’s jigsaw perfectly. I’d emigrated from the UK to Australia, had a long-term partner and we’d just got married. I was working in a decent job in the advertising industry. I was a diligent employee… Continue reading How depression taught me anything’s possible


Alcohol + My Postnatal Depression = Disaster

So last night was my first post-baby night out with friends, having a drink like old times. I’m 10 months postpartum and have been diagnosed with Postnatal Depression. So I thought a night out with the ladies, a good old drink, just what I need to feel happy again. Yes, the night was great but… Continue reading Alcohol + My Postnatal Depression = Disaster