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Baby talk

baby talk

A technique I learnt early on, to help manage my depressing thoughts, was to simply – talk to my baby. Sounds too easy and like common sense but for me, someone of little words, it was something quite new.

However, I found that by talking through my day, I would concentrate on the here and now. It means that you’re not able to get stuck in your head ruminating about your problems.

I’d describe everything I was doing. “I’m making your breakfast now, we’re going to have porridge. Would you like blueberries with it?” “Watch me pour the milk in.” “It’s lovely weather today, let’s wear shorts. Shall we go to the park this afternoon?”

Don’t worry about sounding crazy – you’re not. You’re helping your baby develop. Babies are like little sponges and readily absorbing all that language you’re using.

I hope you’re able to give this a go and really immerse yourself into the moment.


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