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My Postnatal Depression triggers

  I believe there is not one cause for my Postnatal Depression and Anxiety, nor one solution. I wanted to take a closer look at what made me so susceptible to the illness (one ‘professional’ commented that I was a sitting duck…). In order to do this I decided to do a little diagram and… Continue reading My Postnatal Depression triggers


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10 Selfcare Tips for when Depression Hits

Everyone who has a child knows that parenting is full of ups and downs. When you combine that with Postnatal Depression the downs can be extremely disheartening and very hard to pull yourself out of. It can be especially difficult when things have been going well for a while and you think – I’ve got… Continue reading 10 Selfcare Tips for when Depression Hits

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PND: Services available in Sydney

  During my Postnatal Depression journey I’ve come across, and used, many services that I’d like to mention and give thanks to. I’d never be at the point where I am now and so quickly after being diagnosed without each of their help. Being from the UK, I had no prior knowledge or experience of… Continue reading PND: Services available in Sydney


Your mum had PND: An open letter to my son

When you are suffering from Postnatal Depression, unfortunately life can become about you getting better and that can create guilt about not being the best mum for your baby. Please don’t let this guilt fool you. You are doing the best possible job you can and if you are on your journey to recovering, you’re… Continue reading Your mum had PND: An open letter to my son

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An open letter to myself for my dark days

I know you don’t want to read this, but you have to. You have to know you will get through this moment. I know it feels like the end of the world and that nothing’s worth fighting this hard for but it’s not going to feel this way forever. Try and take a moment to… Continue reading An open letter to myself for my dark days