Mindful Mandalas


The last few months have been incredibly intense for me as I go through my healing journey. I’ve been dealing with Postnatal Depression and Anxiety, along with PTSD symptoms from past trauma.  I’ve found these symptoms are worst in the evening. As you might imagine, sleep has been quite evasive.

In order to combat this I decided to try and introduce a bedtime routine that would feel safe and gently wind me down after busy days with my young son.

On 1st January I started my 365 project to create one mandala each evening. I listen to music and just go with the flow. As you can see in the image above, the results can be very different each day. I’m fasinated by the way my moods are captured in the mandalas. I find it’s a great tool to process my emotions from the day.

I would like to share the technique here so that others can try it out too.

I usually do mine with a ballpoint pen in black and white but for the purposes of this tutorial I’ll do one in colour. This will make it easy to see how the mandala builds up in stages.

It all starts with a seed.
Then choose a size you’d like to do and measure your lines.
This one will be 8cm diameter, 4cm each side of the seed.
You can use a protractor to get the angles right but I usually guess.
Then the fun starts… choosing a pattern. I decided to begin with a straight line, seen here in red.
Then continue to repeat the pattern in each of the 8 sections.
Next I chose to do some arches, again repeating in each section. The idea is to keep each section identical.
Here I’ve added some dots.
In this round I repeated the letter S.
Next I added some curves.
Some dashed lines.
Then I repeated circles.
Next I drew some curved lines.
Finally I added some flourishes. And this is the finished peice.
2016-01-15 10.49.26
Here are the patterns – you’ll see they are all quite simple alone but when put together they look impressive.

Don’t worry about perfection. This is just for you, a simple, yet amazing process to get in a mindful state and explore your creativity.

The possibilities are endless. Try not to think of the end product and let your mind guide you. You might be amazed with the results.

If you have any questions, or if something isn’t clear, please leave a comment.


7 thoughts on “Mindful Mandalas

  1. Wow, so impressed by this idea! I’m a fan of adult colouring books (The Secret Garden is my favourite). I always feel like I need to have the lines there for me to begin with or I get a panicky feeling (blank page, aarrggh!). But you’ve broken down the technique so simply here I might just give it a go and add it to my mindful tools repository 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your comment. Yes a blank page can be so off putting but this makes it a little easier. I really enjoy having this as a daily ritual – getting mindful and creating something beautiful. 🙂


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