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What is #PNDoz?


You might be wondering what #PNDoz is doing all over my header image and on my Twitter profile… well here is a post to explain.

Become Mum and I are two mothers in Australia who have been diagnosed with Postnatal Depression. We found each other on Twitter and linked in with the lovely people using the #PNDchat hashtag. We have both found their support to be really valuable. Personally, I was surprised that this kind of peer-peer support existed – I wish I’d known about it earlier. Everyone is there to help each other – it’s an open forum for questions, musings, support or anything related to Postnatal Depression & Anxiety / Parenting.

However, there has been one little problem with the #PNDchat group… and that is they are all in the UK and the time difference is quite inconvenient when looking for support.

So that’s how #PNDoz was born… a hashtag that can be used by parents suffering Perinatal Depression and Anxiety to access peer support from others in Australia.

We are working hard to spread the word and get the hashtag out into the Twitter world.

We’d love to link in with other parents in Australia and offer the support and kindness that we have received. Remember you’re never alone with depression – there are others out there that are here to help.

Come and join the conversation with #PNDoz on Twitter.

Be kind to yourself



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