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Dear husband, thank you for your support during my PND

I was diagnosed with Postnatal Depression at 6months postpartum but to be honest, I know I was suffering much earlier than that, probably starting during pregnancy. During this time my husband has been there, always by my side, being my rock. I couldn’t have survived without his support. I’m writing this letter to thank him.… Continue reading Dear husband, thank you for your support during my PND

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Free Valentines Day Printable Cards

I know from experience that Postnatal Depression, or any mental illness, can be particularly hard on the ones we love. I believe it’s really important to say thank you to those around us, that help and support us through the dark days. I think Valentines Day (although an over-commercialised event) can be used to thank… Continue reading Free Valentines Day Printable Cards

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I might look like I’m sleeping…

The reality is that while it might look like I’m sound asleep, perfectly still and eyes shut, inside I’m anything but. It’s like my mind comes to life as soon as I hit the bed. I started to think about this because I have a Fitbit, which supposedly tracks your sleep. I checked it this… Continue reading I might look like I’m sleeping…