Alcohol + My Postnatal Depression = Disaster

So last night was my first post-baby night out with friends, having a drink like old times.

I’m 10 months postpartum and have been diagnosed with Postnatal Depression.

So I thought a night out with the ladies, a good old drink, just what I need to feel happy again.

Yes, the night was great but damn the next day made me intensely regret it.

Alcohol is like giving my depression steroids. I’m meaner, less patient, snappier and generally a pretty horrible person to be around. Plus adding more sleep deprevation to an already exhausted body and mind. It’s a recipe for disaster.

I count myself lucky that I’ve moved forward in my recovery and I can recognise what’s happening to my mood. Although, this recognition hasn’t stopped me from slamming my husband at any little mistake, it’s made me come around quicker and apologise for my behavior.

If you drink alcohol while you have PND, be aware that you may have a bad day, or week afterwards. This awareness can help you identify what might be triggering your bad moods.


One thought on “Alcohol + My Postnatal Depression = Disaster

  1. I have resorted to self medication while on my medication. It was a surefire way to get some relief… Or further upset. It is a shame that our society values alcohol as currency in social situations. What about just hugging it out?
    Take it easy on yourself, you are doing great x


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