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1 Month Blog Birthday


I can’t work out if I’m writing this post to celebrate my achievements so far, or because I really just wanted to draw a picture of a cupcake.

No, to be honest, I am proud of my accomplishments in my first month of blogging. It’s been a really great feeling to share my writing and art with so many.

So far (while also caring for a teething 10 month old) I’ve….

  • Written 30 posts (wow, that must be 1 a day – time flies when you’re having fun!)
  • Had 200 Visitors, with almost 500 views
  • Coming from all around the world…
  • Written 2x guest posts (not yet published so I can’t share them)
  • Got my post Open Letter to My Son featured on The Mighty

My depression doesn’t let me bask in this glory for long though. It’s often in the evening that the negative stream of thoughts take over – F**k this, quit while you’re ahead. You’ll only make a fool of yourself. Why are you bothering – too much effort. Don’t waste your time. Your going to fail.

It’s hard work battling this everyday. My negative thoughts have quickly put a stop to every other venture I’ve gone on in the past.  I’m really hoping I can keep fighting and continue writing.

When the negativity takes over, I try to remember my aim, which is to raise awareness of Postnatal Depression and show other parents they are not alone. I’d like to help as many other suffers as possible by sharing my story and knowledge on this blog.

I’m also trying to build a peer support network with Become Mum on Twitter for parents with PND in Australia – using the hashtag #PNDoz. Please join in the conversation if you’re on Twitter (you can create an anonymous account if you need to) – there are lots of lovely ladies out there ready to support you.

Be kind to yourself


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