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Anchor the good stuff


Yesterday my depression and negative thoughts hit me hard, they told me to…

Stop blogging!

Get off Twitter and Instagram, it’s too much hard work.

You’re wasting your time.

No one cares about what you write.

They had some serious strength, the kind of strength that I didn’t have enough energy to fight back at. However, after a conversation with my therapist, I started to see the good stuff. Today I’ve decided to continue blogging and fight back against the negative stuff by anchoring the good stuff. So here goes:

I’m sharing my knowledge

I’m making good progress (I’ve only been blogging for 6 weeks)

It’s a learning process

I’m helping others see that they’re not alone

I am getting to create artwork and share it with people

I’m meeting other bloggers and lovely supportive people on Twitter

Blogging helps me process what I’m learning about depression and anxiety

I get a great feeling when I finish a post

I do not know what opportunities may arise from it

So there you go. I recon the good stuff won… and is enough to keep me going.

It’s not easy to fight against our negative thoughts, especially alone. We’re all our own worst critic. If you’re ever feeling the same way and wanting to give up on something, then I’d encourage you to try talking to someone about it. They are likely to see things very differently.

Be kind to yourself

You Baby Me Mummy

4 thoughts on “Anchor the good stuff

  1. I am so glad the good overcame the negative. Honestly, keep going you will absolutely get something out of your blog if you keep plugging away. Promise! Thanks for linking up to #thelist x


  2. Glad the good won and you kept on. I often get the fear about my blog – convince myself it’s rubbish and I should stop. One step at a time. We’ll done you for sharing your story #TheList


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