Monday Morning Musings VII


Postnatal Depression can affect anyone.

Postnatal depression or anxiety can affect mothers or fathers in the first 12 months after the birth of a child.

While I knew I might have been more at risk due to previous depression, I thought I knew how to handle it. This was not true – I waited too long to seek help and ended up getting to a point where intrusive thoughts were taking over my life.

Although there are things that can make you more susceptible to PND, I think it’s really important for people to know that it really can affect anyone. You could have planned the baby or they could be a surprise, it could be your 1st or 4th baby, you could have enough money to be comfortable or be scrapping by – whatever the circumstances it could affect you.

If you think you could have Postnatal Depression or Anxiety please seek professional medical advice. There is help available and the quicker you address it, the less chance it has of intruding on your life.

Be kind to yourself


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