It’s just my beginning…

middle beginning

I read an article about self estimate recently. Something that stuck with me was the advice – Don’t compare your beginning with someone else’s middle.
This is something that I’ve done for as long as I can remember and it’s always stopped me from doing what I want. I know I have talent and I know I have things to share with the world. However, as soon as I do some research on the Internet and see what others are doing my mind tells me ‘you’re not good enough, don’t bother’. Then that’s it, game over, for what ever idea or project I was into.

It’s just happened now with this blog – I searched other blogs and saw how good they were. I thought ‘what’s the point, I’ll never get there’. Then I remembered the article and tried to have some self-compassion – ‘I’ve worked really hard and I know it could benefit others’. It’s not fair to hide my work because I’m scared it’s not good enough or that I’ll be judged.

I think this also relates to parenting, my son is 9months old and I’m learning along the way. It’s easy to compare yourself to someone else who has done it before or has different experiences. I try to remember I’m doing my best and I started with zero knowledge, I’m a new mum and things will get easier with experience.

I hope if you have a mind that tends to put you down and says you’re not good enough, that you’re able to have some self-compassion and remember – ‘It’s just my beginning…’


One thought on “It’s just my beginning…

  1. I agree! I have the same feelings, but I remind myself that everyone is different, therefore everyone’s experience is valuable. I really appreciate reading your posts and your art x

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