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It’s a long road…

long road

A common question is “how long will Postnatal Depression last?” From my recent experience, I can say recovery can take a long time… and for someone like myself this can be quite a struggle to deal with. I’m a “do-er”, get things done kind of person. I’m a queen of lists and love to cross things off. When I was struck down with PND I quickly realised I’d have to resign myself to go with the flow and take it slow.

My therapist has answered more than one of my questions with “Time” – her words come with a knowing that things will change if I continue to work towards what I want. It’s just hard to see that for yourself while in the midst of some really hard times.

When I’m having a good day I can see it all makes sense and although it seems nothing is changing very quickly – things are changing. My bad days consist of a blur of nothing – nothing’s working, nothing’s helping, nothing’s going to change.

I’m doing my best to have patience with the process and know that things won’t change overnight but they WILL change as I keep making small steps in the right direction.

Wishing good luck to anyone else on the long road to recovery.


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