Alone time – me, myself & I

me myself I

I’ve been doing some reflecting after the Christmas/New Year period and realised that it’s been a difficult time for me.

I am an introvert and I’ve learnt that means that I need time alone to recharge. During the festive season there is a lot of socialising, entertaining and celebrating to be done. It can take an enormous amount of energy to keep up the mask of being happy when inside you are really not. This can be very draining for someone like myself, who is most comfortable during quite times.

I share a house with my parents and siblings – there are 7 of us in total. This has it’s benefits – I have access to babysitters and helping hands when I need them. However, it also leads to an overload of company, when everyone is off work during the Christmas period.

I’m learning that in order to maintain my own wellbeing I have to ensure I get some alone time. I need it more than I realised. Today I’ve arranged some time for me to get out of the house and be with myself. I’m sitting in a coffee shop writing this and slowly feeling my anxiety lowering.

If you feel you are an introvert too and feeling a little overwhelmed with life – take a moment to noticed if you’ve had enough time alone. It could be just what you need to get yourself back on track.


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